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Many of us understand that beauty means only the beauty of the skin. Beautiful face as well as beautiful hand foot make you more attractive. When you look at someone, you will see his face and then see his hand. But if that hand poppy, burns in the sun. You will feel bad about yourself. In our busy lives, our hands and feet don’t stop. Out of the house, the legs are playing in equal rhythm. Sometimes on the file, sometimes on the bat, sometimes cutting the vegetables in the house. On the other hand, on the playground, running on the dirt, in the streets, one house to another house the busy feet are not tired.

The percent of care our skin and hair receive is nothing compared to the hands and feet. Nails get more neglect than the hands and feet. Even in this busy life we need to devote time to care for our hands and feet and nails. In addition to the disturbance of the busy life, the change of weather also has adverse effects on the feet and hands. So we need to take care of our feet and feet to keep up with the seasonal changes.

* Summer: The most painful thing during the summer is the intense sunshine. Due to the extra heat, we wear sandals on small toe clothing legs. As a result, our hands and feet become miserable in the sun. It looks awkward. Which cannot be matched with facial skin. So you need to apply sunscreen on your hands when you get out. You can wear thin cloth and use an umbrella. You can use a good band on your hand and body lotions to return home at night. Excessive sweating during the summer causes more dust in the legs. So after returning from the outside, wash your feet well. Apply moisturizer or foot cream before bed. However, do not apply too much so it is prone to infection. Wear footwear when you’re out. When wearing warm shoes, definitely use sun cream on the feet.

* Monsoon: During the monsoon, the rains continue to rain all day long. Therefore, you need to get out, for whatever reason or another. Using raincoat, umbrella saved his body, but his legs! During the monsoon, only the toes are the most weeping bees. As a result, there may be various infections related to the foot. There are odor problems due to wet feet. Therefore, the feet need special care. Avoid weeping as much as you can at this time. Bacteria attack very easily during the monsoon, and due to wearing too wet shoes, skin problems can occur. So enter the office or home then wash the shoes and feet. Then wipe the leg with towel or tissue. Never keep your feet wet. You can use moisturizer lotion, foot cream, olive well, petroleum jelly while sleeping at night. During the rainy season, it is not only about foot care. You have to take care of your hands at the same time. Because of the damp weather, there may be various types of infections in the hands. So after coming out, wash your hands thoroughly with a towel or tissue and use a moisturizer cream. Also, wash the nails on the nails with a brush, apply Vaseline on the hands and feet on the outside. At this time it is better to keep the hands and feet nails short.

* Winter: With the coming of winter our skin changes drastically. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the feet and hands regularly as well as the face. With proper care, your hands and feet will be soft, smooth and supple. The hands and feet fall with the mouth. Lotion plays a very effective role in alleviating this craving. There are many types of lotions available in the market, but before buying, check if your skin is suitable. You can also use a moisturizer to keep your hands and feet soft. In the winter, the amount of water on our skin decreases as the skin of the hands and feet get tense and the moisturizer’s job is to replenish the skin by replenishing the water that is lacking in the body. However, it is best to use a moisturizer after bath. You can also use glycerin, olive oil, sunflower well to keep your feet soft. Most people suffer from foot problems during the winter. Many band creams are currently available in the market to prevent foot rash. If you want to get good results, put on foot lotion or cream before going to bed at night. The skin can absorb it well, so the moisture of the foot is maintained and the foot is gradually healed. Carefully nail and massage the nail and toe head with olive oil or lotion in winter care. Then remove the oil or lotion that you used. Now use the Nail Hardener. Neil Hardener helps keep nails strong. You can also easily take care of your feet all year round at home. Let’s learn the methods. * Soak your feet in warm water for 3-5 minutes before going to bed. Also, add lemon and glycerin to hot water and soak your hands for 3-5 minutes. The skin of the hands and feet is soft and smooth. But if your hands or feet are cracked, you can soak for 5-20 minutes. Then apply a good oil or lotion and lie down. When bathing in the morning, clean the oil or lotion well.

* Lemon is not compared to remove black spots on the hands and feet. So come home from sunshine and wash hands and feet thoroughly. Then massage your hands and feet with lemon juice. Then wash for 5-20 minutes. Moreover, lemon juice helps keep nails bright. * If you want to keep the legs beautiful, then dip the foot in shampoo and lemon juice in warm water for 2-3 days in a week. It will clear all the dirt that is clogging the legs. Another advantage is that the bacteria in the foot are removed. * Never hold detergent powder or powder soap when dry or wet. Because high alkali substances damage the skin of your hands. So when working with detergent powder or powder soap, use gloves. * After bathing 2 days a week, dip the foot in warm water with salt and salt. It reduces the chances of nail infections. * Nails cannot be kept large. If the nails are large, the nails inside the nails are likely to become fungus. Beautiful hands and feet are a big part of our beauty. As a beautiful face expresses your beauty, so does your hands and feet. So we should spend some time with our hands and feet.

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