Not visible to the eye but its existence is felt by everyone around. The scent of perfume is right here. The beautiful aroma fascinates us, its existence has been in our mind for many days.

People who do not currently use perfume cannot be found. Wherever you go in the office, marriage, party, anywhere or to meet someone dear you must use perfume. The use of fragrances, such as expressing your existence to others, is different. It just makes you feel refreshed and confident.

The word perfume comes from the Latin word perfumus. There are many controversies as to when and where it originated. However It is believed, that perfume was discovered during Mesopotamia civilization. Mesopotamians used a variety of plants, flowers, oils to create perfume. In ancient India, long ago, there was a custom of bathing and perfume in order to maintain the sanctity of any occasion of good. The ancient Egyptians made a kind of ointment by rubbing oils of various aromas and plants. They used to wear these ointments on religious occasions. The Egyptians also offered a special aroma to the dead body. In ancient Persia, the use of perfume was a symbol of arrogance.

When Alexander the Great came to Persia after defeating the world-conquering Emperor Darius III, he took the technique of perfume to Greece. In ancient times, young people used perfumed grass in ceremonies held in China. In the Middle Ages Islamic culture is also known for its use of rose fragrances. In Paris, perfume production began commercially in Paris in the year 1190 and subsequently spread gradually throughout the world.

Every day somehow, our body gets sweaty and it produces bad smells. And we smell it all day long, without knowing it. As a result you have to read in embarrassment. The use of perfumes relieves you from this embarrassing situation. The use of perfume indicates your taste. Makes you attractive to others. However, its misuse can be counterproductive. You have to take care of your perfume, that it does not cause irritation to others. So you need to know the proper rules for using perfume.

· Many of us wet our body when spraying perfume. This is the wrong approach. The perfume should be sprayed from 5 to 7 cm away from the body.

· Perfume should not be sprayed directly on the cloth. The scent does not last long and stains the cloth.

· Use perfume depending on where you go. You can use a light perfume for inside place and a strong perfume for open space.

· Do not use extra perfume. Excess perfume can cause other problems.

· That scent smells good on others and may not feel good to you. So use any brand of aroma that you like.

· It’s best not to use intense perfume in the workplace. This can upset your coworkers.

· Using perfume after bath is a good result. Because after the bath, the hair follicles are open. Because of this, using the perfume after bathing the hair follicles pull it out. As a result, the fragrance is long in the body.

· Many of us use perfume in sweat. This has the opposite effect. The odor is triggered by the odor. It causes annoyance for others.

· Many people come out of the house using perfume. But after a while the scent is gone. So for a long time, you have to keep an eye on the fragrance where you will use the perfume. You can use perfume hand wrists, elbow folds, the back of the hammer, the side of the navel, the back of the ear and the neck. Then the fragrance will last for a long time.

· After spraying perfume, rubbing it with the wrists of both hands is a wrong condition. By rubbing perfume, its structure breaks down. As a result, smell does not last for a long time.

· Many of us use perfume to shake. It’s not right. The aroma quickly mixes with the air and weakens the scent.

· Spray scent on the hair to keep the fragrance for long time. Hair has the ability to hold the scent for long time. It will smell great when you are walking.

· Before wearing jewelry, use perfume. Otherwise, the color of the jewelry is likely to deteriorate.

· Perforation of aroma can vary in the skin. Perfume on oily skin lasts longer than dry skin.

· Those who have dry skin can spray perfume using Vaseline or body lotion on the body. As a result, it will be long lasting.

· Select the aroma concentration and select it. Because such perfume is lasting longer.

· Store the scent in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from the sun.

· If left unused, its effectiveness is lost. So it is better not to go in front of people using such perfume.

There are various types of fragrances available in the market. Choose your perfume as you like. However, it is good to use the aroma of reputed brands as it will get plenty of variations along with the smell. However, using more perfume is harmful to the skin.

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