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Like beautiful skin, beautiful hair, is also an essential part of women’s beauty. Beautiful, shiny, thick black hair multiplies the beauty of women. However, beautiful hair is very important not only for women but also for men. You need to take best care of your hair to get good hair frequently. Environment, weather and season changes affect the hair. If you do not take care of your hair properly, the hair will lose its beauty and become rough and dirty. So you have to properly care for your hair throughout the season.

Summer: During the summer, the oil is viscous on the skin as well as on the hair. The root of the hair goes into the sweat. Due to sweat and dust, excess dirt gets stuck in the hair and causes problems like dandruff. If the sun is too long, the hair becomes rough. Moreover, the sun’s ultraviolet ray has its effect. If you need to take care of the hair during the summer, the most important thing is to keep the hair clean. Be careful that there is no dirt in the hair in any way. We have the misconception that shampoo every day will make the hair fall off. At this time, use shampoo daily will not have dirt in the hair. As a result, hair problems will be greatly reduced. However, be careful that the shampoo you used is mild and chemical free. Do not stick the hair in the heat and keep it thick. Because it causes the palate to swell and there is a problem with blood circulation. In summer, the skin of the head is more sweaty and more dirt is accumulated due to dust. Because of this, happiness increases and hair begins to fall. So your first task from the outside will be to dry the head scalp thoroughly. When you get out, girls can wear light colored cotton scarves, hat, boys can wear caps, umbrellas.

Rainy season: Who does not love to soak in the rain. But do you know how harmful this water is to your hair? The rain water can be seen clean with empty eyes. But it does contain one type of acid, which causes damage to your hair. During the monsoon the weather is generally damp. Therefore, at this time the fungus nests on the scalp of the head due to the hair not drying properly. As a result, there are various types of problems, including infection, dandruff, hair fall at the root of the hair. During this time the oily feeling is increased on the scalp of the head and the hair does not dry easily. It has a soft base of hair. So do not shave the head without drying the hair. Because wet hair is more hair fall. Since the dandruff attacks your hair more often, use anti-dandruff shampoo. But this type of shampoo is very strong, so massage the hair from the scalp to the head of the scalp for 2 hours before using the shampoo. After shampoo, definitely use conditioner. After the bath, dry the hair. However, it is better to dry the fan in the air without using a hair dryer. During the monsoon the skin of the head is oily so there is no need to use a separate moisturizer. You can massage your head with oil twice a week.

Winter: During the winter the air becomes dry, the hair becomes rough, dull and shininess. However, by following the rules of hair care, these problems can be relieved. Dandruff one of the biggest problems of winter. This problem is evident throughout the winter season, but it is evident in the winter season. For this, you can use the best quality anti dandruff shampoo. Shampoo daily during hot, but shampoo 3 days a week is sufficient during winter. You can use a few drops of oil when shampooing. It will leave the hair roughness. Drying hair in winter is a very difficult thing. But there are many types of problems, including drying hair, getting cold, itching, hair loss. If you are in hurry, you can dry hair with a hair dryer on high heat. However, make sure that the hair is 5 cm away from the hair dryer. If you are home, wipe your head with a towel after bath, then dry the hair through the fan. Since the head is very dry during the winter, it is important to give oil.

You can use olive well, except for ordinary oil. Before going to bed at night, warm the olive oil and massage it into the palm of your hand. It will increase blood circulation, nourish the hair follicles, reduce the dose. Use a deep conditioning mask or a good moisturizer hair pack at least 7 days a week. For those who love to color hair, avoid hair color this season.

If you can take full care of your hair then you will be able to catch everyone’s eyes. That’s why you have to spend time in hair care all year long. Make sure to shampoo your hair at least 3 days a week to understand your hair type. Then your head will be clear and the problem of happiness will be less. Also use a good band

conditioner to keep the hair smooth, soft. Massage the palate of your head for at least 5 minutes every day, which will increase blood circulation in your head, improve hair health and restore new hair. If you take a bath with hot water, use cold water on your head. Because hot water causes hair loss. After bath, dry your hair thoroughly and then shake your head. Wet hair is more likely to fall on the hair. Massage your hair with warm oil at least 3 days a week. It will have good hair health. Also, hair care should be taken to drink more vegetables, fruits and more water. Need to worry free and sleep well.

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