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Your beauty anywhere makes you confident. And this beauty is revealed through the skin. Not only is the skin a carrier of beauty, it is the largest organ in the human body. The skin is one of the five senses that humans have. The skin consists of three layers.

1) Epidermis: It is the upper or outer layer of the skin. Usually we see this. This level of function is to protect the whole body from the disease.

2) Dermis: This is the next stage of the epidermis. We have neurons in this layer of skin. This level of functioning is to protect the body from stress and heat.

3) Hypodermic: It is the lower part of the skin. The fat in our body is stored at this level. When people are starving, this level of fat melts and provides energy to our body.

We have to get out, whether for work or for different needs. And when we get out, we have to face the light of the sun. There is no change in the color of one’s skin from sunshine. On the other hand, the color of one’s skin changed in the slightest sun. Someone’s skin color is blurry, someone’s black and someone’s copper. Melanin is a type of pigment responsible for this color difference. Which determines the color of our skin and hair. This ingredient comes from a cell called melanocyte inside our skin.

Beauty is a special gift from the Creator to man. Beautiful face wins everywhere. Who does not want to be beautiful? So smooth, soft skin is desire for everyone. And that’s why you have to be careful with your skin and follow some rules.

* To keep the skin bright you must avoid the ultraviolet rays of the sun. That is why you can use an umbrella or a hat. And if they cause problems in your fashion, you can use the best quality sun cream lotions or creams.

 * The humidity is higher in the hot air. As a result, excess sweat is released from our body. Excess heat causes the body to sweat and the skin becomes dull. To get rid of this problem, you can use good quality foam powder.

* In hot and rainy season, the body is more dirty. So the use of soap these days is better. However, be careful that the soap is not alkaline. Because excess alkali causes skin damage. In that case, a good glycerin soap can be used.

* In winter the skin becomes dewy and rough. Excessive cold causes the skin to burst. So in the winter you have to take extra care of your skin. At the time of skin care you can use good band moisturizer cream, lotion, glycerin, olive oil from the market.

Also each one of us has different skin types. Some have normal skin, some dry and some have oily skin. So we have to understand the nature of our skin and serve it.

* Normal skin: Normal skin means perfect skin. This kind of skin is not oily or dry. This type of skin problem is usually less. Those whose skin is normal are actually very lucky. Many people neglect this type of skin care because of the problem. As a result, the skin loses its natural radiance. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper care of such skin to have time. Do not use soap on this type of skin but use excellent quality face wash. If herbal face wash is better. When making makeup, be sure to add moisturizers. Because then the skin will be bright.

* Oily skin: Many people get into trouble with oily skin. The skin is oily because of the extra oil called sebum from the sebaceous gland. Skin oil works to protect the skin, but due to excessive oil secretion, whiteheads, blackheads, acne have various problems. Caring for oily skin is a complex task. If you do not take good care of the skin, you will have many problems. Those whose skin is oily will wash their face well. It is best to use gentle soap or herbal soap for mouth wash. However, do not wash your face more than 2/3 times. You can use an alcohol toner after washing your face. Applying powder to the mouth removes excess oily feeling. Use

oil free cosmetics on face. Those who have oily skin should refrain from taking on heavy makeup. Because it increases the oily and acne content of your skin. Make sure to clean the makeup thoroughly before going to bed. For this you can wash face using a light face wash. No need to use anything else after that. Oily skin can also be water-free, so you can use a lightweight free moisturizer. It maintains moisture in the skin. You can also eat more water, vegetables and fruits.

* Dry skin: Our skin is dry due to the loss of oil from the glands under the skin. Those whose skin is thinner, their skin becomes dry. Due to the dryness of the skin, our natural beauty disappears day by day. Those whose skin is dry in winter are more prone to problems. Because of the moisture in the air at the time, the skin becomes more dry. So to get rid of the dryness of the skin, you need to pay special attention to skin care. Drink more water. Use soft cotton cloth. For those whose skin is dry, refrain from using hot water during bath. Use moisturizer soap during bath. Use a good quality moisturizer after bath. You must use sunscreen when exiting. You can also use lotion, glycerin, olive oil daily in the skin care during winter.

* Mixed skin: Each one of us has different skin types. Some have dry skin, some are oily, some are normal. But there is another type of skin that many of us do not know, that is mixed skin. Oil on one side of the face but dry on the other side is the specialty of mixed skin. How do you understand the skin mixed? Strain the mouth with a tissue paper. If you have oil on your forehead, nose, spit, then you will understand that your skin is mixed skin. Experts attributed hereditary and hormone to skin blemishes. Besides, the skin is mixed due to the use of the wrong product. Mixed skin has many benefits compared to other skin. Due to its oily and dry skin, the skin of such skin will not wrinkle or swell. Apart from the benefits, there are several disadvantages of this skin. Acne and rash problems occur simultaneously in mixed skin. Mixed skin care is a little more complicated than other skin. However, in this case, you can take care of the skin. Powder to keep the skin dry during the day, and use a quality lotion or moisturizer cream before bedtime. Currently, there are special face wash, night creams, day creams, sun creams, products available for mixed skin in the market. However, it should be noted that the products should have sufficient SPF and moisturizer.

So we have to understand our skin type and take care of it. Get more water with it. Eat vegetables and fruits. Should be worry-free and get enough sleep. If after day care even if no skin problem is resolved, then it is advisable to consult a specialist without delay. Many fake and cheap quality products are now available in the market. Use international band products without compromising on skin care.

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