In this age we have to work everywhere outside or in the house. So it is very important for us to be physically healthy. But in this busy life, keeping body fit is the biggest challenge for us. If the body does not fit, then there are various problems including unhappy illness. Which disrupts our daily activities. Laziness, eating disorders, lack of exercise etc are causing our body to lose weight and performance decline. So don’t delay and focus on your fitness from now on.

Eating : The first condition for keeping the body fit is eating. Are you fat? Think about what you are eating all day? We eat oil-rich foods, fast food, without eating balanced nutritious foods. If you want to reduce excess body fat, avoid eating these foods from today. To reduce excess body fat, prepare yourself mentally first. Set your mind on the belief that, you can reduce your excess fat if you want. The amount of calories you are eating every day, if you can reduce the amount of calories you will not gain weight. And if you can drop a little more, the body will start to lose extra weight. You have to exclude oil-spicy foods, fast food, drinks from your diet list. Vegetable, Fruit, Milk is balanced and nutritious foods should be kept in this list. Take some time to chew and eat well. The necessary material will enter the body. Eat salad with food every day. Eat some spicy food. This kind of foods increase metabolism and help burn calories. Discard sugar-eating habits. Eat little by not eating more than once. This helps the body balance the food. Do not drink too much water while eating food. Drink well after 15-20 minutes after eating. And drink at least 8-12 glasses of water a day. Because getting enough water helps the body stay fit. Many people want to eat when they see the food. As a result, he started to eat food even when he was not hungry. Abandon such practices. Eat only if you are hungry. If you want to be healthy, put nuts on your diet list daily. Nuts contain the vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Avocado can also be added to your list. Because it contains a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins A, C, E and K. It also contains good cholesterol which lowers the harmful cholesterol in the body. Besides, the importance of green tea is increasing day by day. This tea helps to maintain the good condition of the skin and body without folding.

Exercise : Health is the key to all happiness. However, health does not mean fat body. You have to stay fit to enjoy life to succeed in the workplace. Many people believe that exercise means excess weight loss from the body. Exercise work is to keep you fit, full of life, vital, and active in body parts. You need to exercise regularly to stay fit. Now, next to our house, many gyms have been established in Colony. You can keep your fitness going there. And if you can not go to the gym, you can buy exercise equipment online and exercise at home. And if you can not do it then you can do some exercise on the empty hand. Get up early and run in the morning. Walking or running is a good exercise and the first step in keeping the body fit. It will also work well in your lungs and increase your immune system. Bounce 25 times, move two hands up and down 25 times, book down 25 times. Skipping through the ropes for ten minutes. You can also cycling for 5 minutes. Also, develop some more habits to keep yourself fit.

· Don’t sit down and talk on the phone. Keep walking and talking.

· Say no to the lift use the stairs.

· Discard the habit of sitting down.

· Try to do your own tasks such as washing clothes, cleaning your room, helping with other household chores.

· Live a stress free life.

· Sleep well.

· Quit smoking and alcohol altogether

So follow the rules and then watch your change. No matter how much energy you fill, you feel how neat the body is.

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