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Foods that receive the nutrients and heat energy needed by the body, which aids in the growth of the human body through intake. Every day, our physical body is damaged due to labor. Food consumes that decay. We eat a lot of food every day. But do we know how much food a body needs? It is important to be careful whether you are leaving any of the essential ingredients in the body. The only reason is that we suffer from malnutrition even after receiving good food.

In order to live healthy, we must take a balanced diet. What is a balanced diet? Any food containing Carbohydrate, Protein, foods like affection, vitamins, mineral salts, water is in the right proportion. A balanced diet provides nutrients to suit the needs of the body. Consumption of a balanced diet increases body’s degeneration, intelligence, and immunity. Therefore, every man should take balanced diet according to his age, body needs and labor. We should have an idea of which of our daily diets is balanced and what their benefits are.

Sugar or Carbohydrate: This kind of food is the most important food in our body. Because these foods can be easily accepted by the body. Rice, noodles, flour,

flour, potatoes, vegetables, beans, milk, yogurt, sugar, honey, jaggery, candy, mango, sage, peanuts, sagu, barley and other grains are sources of sugar. Initially, sugar acts in 5 functions in the human body, such as energy production, energy storage, macromolecule formation, the use of nutrients, and chemical conversion of lipids. However, the main function of sugar is to supply energy to all the cells of the body. The brain, kidneys, muscles of the human body help to function properly. Sugar helps to increase the body fat for those whose body is diseased. Vegetable fruits and granular foods contain fiber. The diet of fiber has many qualities. For example, it protects against various abdominal pains. Protects body weight balance. Reduces the cholesterol and sugar in the blood. Reduces the tendency for diabetes. Increases the efficiency of the heart device. Reduces the risk of stroke. Reduces the tendency for peoples and kidneys to become stones.

Protein: Protein is a vital nutrient for the human body. The major source of protein or amygdal foods are fish, meat, nuts, pulses, eggs, milk, milk products, soybeans, various fruits and seeds. Protein is the main function of the body, preventing erosion. Protein helps in the production of heat in the body. Protein plays a very important role in nourishing and enhancing the body’s nutrition. Every day, countless cells die in our bodies, the contribution of proteins to their deficiency is unacceptable. The enzymes used to produce the enzymes used to prevent digestion and disease are taken.

Fat or fat: Fat is an important component of the diet. There are plenty of fats in meat fat, fish, cheese, butter, Whole Milk, ice cream, nuts, ghee, edible oils, coconut oil, margarine, cakes, biscuits, pasta, etc. The main function of this national diet is to produce body fat and produce fat. Fat, like sugars and amines, also adds strength to the body. Fat like quantity is needed for the human body. Keys are vital for motivation and activity in the work. Fat contributes to preserving the body’s elegance and elegance. Animal body oils, roasted and various man-made artificial oils used in food are extremely harmful to human health. So be careful about fat intake. Nutritionists therefore recommend consuming fish oils, olive oils, nuts as a safe fat source. Fat is stored as a source of fat for the future. Helps to eliminate psoriasis from fat liver and pancreas from pancreas. It also helps to drain the rectum and anus through the anus.

Salt or Minerals: Salt is a type of granular substance used in food, the main ingredient of which is sodium chloride. It is essential to the human body. Mineral salt comes from the soil. So mineral salts are found in various vegetable foods, animal foods and even drinks. Minerals are also present in fish, dried foods, dried fruits, vegetables, mustard, greens, crabs, figs, etc. Mineral salt does not produce energy. But it does perform some actions that are essential to a healthy life. Salts such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine, iron, sulfur, etc. enter the body through the solids and help in the formation of the body. Mineral salt is essential for the formation of bones, teeth, bones, enzymes and hormones.

Vitamins: Vitamins are very important for our body to grow. Our body needs 16 kind of vitamin. Of these, 4 is soluble in fat and 9 in water. Natural sources of vitamins are naturally available. Milk, eggs, fish, meat, beef, oil, sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, bean sprouts, nuts, red flour, chickpeas, mugs, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, lemon, mango, tamarind, apple, etc. Vitamins are available. Vitamins help normalize various cells in the body. Acts as an anti-oxidant, which helps prevent cancer. Helps to work the nerves naturally. It plays a vital role in controlling the normal functioning of the skin. Some help with the hormone function.

Water: Water is another name for life. About 60-70% of our body weight is water. Body composition and internal functioning cannot be done without water. We need water to form blood, flesh, nerves, teeth, bones, etc. The body’s cell structure and all its processes are not possible without water. So water is important to the body. If you do not eat excessively, then the harm to the body is excessive, but the harm to the body. Your body needs 40 ml of water per kilogram of weight. So drink water accordingly.

Our ignorance and unconsciousness about the nutrients responsible for the nutrition problem. Knowledge of nutrition is very important for good health. Examples include not eating rice starch, washing vegetables, cooking dishes, distilling vegetables, watering salads, and so on. House food is more nutritious than outside food. Avoid eating open and lively food. The thought that food should be expensive should be eliminated. We need to look at higher nutrients at lower prices. One more thing to keep in mind, the food should not be eaten or the body has the capacity to accept it. If your body is less able to eat food then you will not get enough nutrition if you eat too much. Rather, your body will be wiped out. Exercise to fit your body’s diet. Because in it your body will be able to acquire food. The better the population, the better the country

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