HMR 70 Plus Chocolate Shake and Pudding Mix, Lactose-Free, 15g Protein, 110 Cal., 18 Single- Serve Packets




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Product Description

Health Management Resources

For over 30 years, Health Management Resources (HMR) has based every decision we make, every change we consider, everything we ask people to do on the program on one guiding principle: the best possible results for each and every person who joins.

Why are HMR Shakes the “ideal” diet food?

Health Management Resources weight loss shake protein powder diet shake women

Great taste – HMR 70 Plus Shakes and Pudding Mix are delicious!
Low in calories – HMR 70 Plus is 110 calories per serving
Nutritious – HMR shakes provide protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals
Portable – HMR 70 Plus comes in easy-to-travel packets
Filling – HMR 70 Plus Shakes can be made into thick, rich, and creamy shakes or pudding
Variety – flavors are only limited by your imagination! are delicious!

HMR Shakes are one of the primary reasons HMR programs have been so effective for over 30 years

Easy to prepare and low in calories

HMR Shakes can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to replace a high-calorie meal or snack with a filling, lower-calorie option. HMR Shakes are mixed with water, so they’re easy to use and easy to prepare every time.

For best results, prepare your HMR chocolate and vanilla shakes in a blender with ice cubes. You’ll get a thick and filling shake that tastes more like a dessert than something that can help you lose weight.

Besides tasting incredibly good, HMR Shakes are easy to use and extremely versatile. Enjoy your shakes hot, cold, as a smoothie, a “mousse”, or an “ice cream.” With added fruit and no- calorie flavorings, you can create an endless variety of recipes.

How to get the most variety from your HMR Shakes

Create different flavors using your favorite low-calorie add-ins

Diet sodas Extracts Flavored waters Instant coffee Lemon or lime juice Nonnutritive sweeteners Noncaloric syrups Spices Sugar-free powdered drink mix Sugar-free gelatin powder Sugar-free pudding powder Peanut putter powder Unsweetened cocoa powder
Plus, you can add your favorite combinations of fruit (or vegetables!) to make nutritious smoothies, “mousses,” “ice creams,” or comforting hot protein drinks!

Delicious recipes

weight loss peanut butter

salted caramel shake weight loss healthy

diet pudding healthy Health Management Reources

strawberry raspberry blueberry diet shake weightloss

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Calories: 125

1 HMR 70 Plus Chocolate 1
tablespoon peanut butter powder 8
ounces water 8
ice cubes

Add water to blender.
Blend in shake mix and peanut butter powder.
Blend in ice cubes one at a time to desired thickness.

Salted Caramel Mocha Shake

Calories: 115

1 HMR 70 Plus Chocolate
1 cup cold water
¼ cup sugar-free salted caramel syrup
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon instant granulated coffee
1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
2 packets non-nutritive sweetener
4 ice cubes (or more)

Combine all ingredients and blend into a delicious, slushy shake.The more ice, the better!

Chocolate Banana Smash Pudding

Calories: 210

1 HMR 70 Plus Chocolate Shake and Pudding
1 banana, cut into bite-sized pieces

Empty packet of shake powder into a small bowl or mug.
Add water and mix with a spoon until smooth.
Gently fold in fruit.

Chocolate Berry Cheesecake Shake

Calories: 225

Fruit Servings: 1

1 HMR 70 Plus Chocolate
3/4 cup water
1 cup frozen berries (blue, black, and raspberries)
1 tablespoon sugar/fat free cheesecake pudding mix

Add all ingredients to blender.
Mix until smooth.
If you want a thicker shake add more fruit, and eat it like ice cream

SIMPLE TO MAKE just add water, ice, and blend.
ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE with single-serving packets (18 packets total) that make it easy to grab-and-go for travel, workouts, and adventures.
SIMPLE TO PREPARE just blend shake mix with water and ice for a quick breakfast, meal or snack.
SUPER VERSATILE MIX allows for unlimited recipe options by adding fruit, vegetables or any low-calorie syrup



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